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A new economic context

Nowadays, talent and new technologies concentrate in a series of hubs distributed around the world. StepOne’s network facilitates companies to have access to those hubs & ecosystems, enabling them to come together with high potential impact projects and cooperate to foster new opportunities.



Scale Up Labs

Our network of observatories operates as business intelligence and trend-watching units. We are committed to support our client’s growth strategy and international expansion. Helping companies to innovate and generate sustainable competitive advantages is our main objective.

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Based on lean and innovative methodologies of continuous improvement, this service is aimed at providing assessment and accelerating companies. This enables clients to optimize their development cycle and financing needs, supporting their consolidation in international markets.

Observatory of trends

Leveraging in our international business centers (Scale-up Labs), our network of observatories identifies new business models, disruptive trends and technologies. This information enables top tier companies to accelerate their innovative processes. We provide a Global Report of Innovations Trends around the world. Click here to know more about it.

Entrepreneurship programs

Our programs encourage entrepreneurial action from within an organization, in order to create new units or ecosystems (intrapreneurship) to act as competitive tools.

Jóvenes con Futuro

This program offers Spanish graduates a unique opportunity to do a 6-month internship in tech companies in the USA. This fosters access to excellent professional opportunities afterwards in San Francisco and New York, promoting youth employment across Spain and the USA.


Telefónica OPEN FUTURE, a GLOBAL and OPEN program designed to connect entrepreneurs, startups, investors, as well as public and private organizations around the world.

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