Work in a startup in Silicon Valley or New York

Develop your talent through our placement program with paid internships.

Jóvenes con Futuro gives recently graduate Spanish Software Engineers the chance to develop their technical and entrepreneurial  skills by leading the experience of working in a startup for at least six months in Silicon Valley or New York.

The program was created by Bernardo Hernandez, an important Spanish entrepreneur, in 2011 to give professional opportunities to Spanish talented developers in the U.S. Jóvenes con Futuro is sponsored by Fundación Rafael del Pino and Fundación Banco Sabadell,  and administered by StepOne.

What is “Jóvenes con Futuro”?
Selecting Talent

We are looking for the best technical people in Spain through our selection process to join Jóvenes con Futuro
Startup Experience

Paid internships. Work at a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City for a minimum of six months

The program manages legal contracts, visa processing and health insurance for participants

Be part of the community of Jóvenes con Futuro, live in the worldwide heart of the technology and grow your professional network

How the selection process works

* Applications to participate in Jóvenes con Futuro 2017 are now closed. Subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up-to-date of new editions of the program.

March – April Application + Coding test

Complete and submit your application, where you will be asked to answer a few questions about your background, experience, projects… You will need to upload your resume and a 1-minute video (optional but highly valued!) introducing yourself. Be creative!
Soon after that, you will receive a link to complete a coding exercise online.

May – June Personal + Technical interviews

If your coding exercise is successful and you meet the requirements, the StepOne team will interview you (online) to address and assess your motivations, interests, expectations and, extremely important, how you communicate in English. If you meet the profile requirements, you will have an online technical interview with one of our previous participants of Jóvenes con Futuro on a one-to-one basis.

July – August Interview with host company

If the technical interview is successful, the Jóvenes con Futuro team will assess your entire application and will decide if you are one of the finalists. If that is the case, your resume will be shared and matched with startups based in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City looking for skills like yours. In case of finding a match, the startup(s) will interview you (online) and will decide if you look like a good fit.

September - October Visa + Paperwork

Once the interview(s) with the company is successful and they extend a job offer (and you accept it), StepOne will help you with your J-1 visa and health insurance processing. After you get it approved, you are ready to come to the U.S.!
Internships are planned to start as soon as you get your J-1 visa.

Requirements you should meet:


Student in their final year or recently graduated in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering or other related area that includes software development.

Excellent programming discipline: object oriented principles, design patterns, unit testing…

Broad knowledge in any of the following: Java, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++, Python, React, Ruby, Android, iOS, or other technologies/frameworks.

Fluent in written and spoken English.

Under 30 years old and Spanish nationality.

Extra points we value:


Experience with web and/or mobile platform development.

Entrepreneurial activity or “side projects” outside of the classroom.

Positive work attitude, customer-centric mentality, self-motivator, quick learner, and a team player.

Interest in emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.

Tangible interest in the Silicon Valley and New York City startup and tech ecosystem.

Benefits for participants:

Live a startup experience and enrich your entrepreneurial skills.

Develop your career in the most innovative ecosystems in the world and be part of the dynamic, fast and changing atmosphere.

Power up your technical abilities from hands-on experience.

Get immersed into an international environment and learn from the American working culture. Extend your professional network and meet relevant experts worldwide.

Financial support for soft-landing.
More information for Candidates

Benefits for host companies:

Get the brightest technical minds from Spain and take advantage of this fresh talent.

Find proficient developers who can make a direct impact on your company’s growth and success.

Easy hiring process, the program facilitates the full process. StepOne manages and deals with visas for participants.

Create a multicultural business environment and get new ways of thinking from other parts of the world.

Get full commitment from the interns, our candidates come to the US specifically for this experience and they are fully focused on their internships.
More information for Companies

Meet our alumni:

Álvaro Berruga

Entytle, Palo Alto

Álvaro is a Software Engineer from Seville. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in CS with specialization in Information Technologies from the University of Seville.

Before moving to the Bay Area, Álvaro worked as a Software Engineer at Quintas Energy, a backoffice and asset management firm in the renewal energy sector with clients around the world. He also co-founded a startup headquartered in Seville called Laitit.

Now he is currently Full Stack engineer part of the engineering team at Entytle in Palo Alto.

Álvaro loves photography and video games. His new goal now is to learn something new everyday and challenge himself as much as possible!

Antonio García

Entytle, Palo Alto

Antonio studied in Sevilla where he got his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. He was quite active during his student years, specially in the .Net student association. Before applying for Jóvenes con Futuro, Antonio worked for several years in the videogame industry as a Software Engineer, developing games mostly with Unity. He still does some game programming on his free time.

Antonio now lives in Mountain View and is working at Entytle, a company that help big manufacturers increase their aftermarket revenue using Big Data and Machine Learning technics.

He loves traveling and learning facts about different cultures as well as trying different kinds of food, or cooking it himself when his favorite dishes are not available nearby. He also loves boardgames such as Catan, Zombicide or Mansions of Madness and experimental videogames such as Jackbox Party Pack or RimWorld.

Julio Martínez

Turo, Boston

Julio was born in Gran Canaria, where he studied and got his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering.

Along with some friends Julio co-founded a startup a few years ago, they built a kind of software that is still being used by thousands of people who love sports. He also lived abroad for a year, in The Netherlands, while he worked in an international team and strengthen his English skills.

Julio is currently living in Cambridge, Boston, and is working at Turo - the Airbnb of cars- as an iOS developer learning from an awesome team.

In his free time, he is visiting all the breweries to find the best beer of the state and looking for a warm place to play soccer. Other than sports, he also loves traveling and can't wait to discover new places now that he lives in the States!

Eduardo González

Directly, San Francisco

Eduardo is a Biomedical Engineer from Madrid, he studied at Universidad Carlos III. During his undergraduate studies, he got a scholarship to study at University of California San Diego, where he developed a strong interest in neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

After finishing his undergraduate studies, Eduardo got a MSc in Neurotechnology at Imperial College in London, where he conducted research in brain-computer interfaces and Machine Learning for neural decoding. After graduating, he joined Koniku, an IndieBio startup conducting computational neuroscience research. He then moved back to the UK to first intern at NaturalMotion in Oxford and then worked as a Data Scientist for a quant hedge fund in London.

Eduardo is currently working at Directly in San Francisco, developing chatbots for customer support automation.

Rubén Antón

BetterDoctor, San Francisco

Rubén discovered his passion for programming while he was studying Computer Science at the University of Alicante. Before finishing his studies he knew he wanted to work as a developer, so he used his spare time to complete and sharp his skills.

His work paid off and he started working at FacileThings right after his graduation. There he developed its mobile app from scratch. However, since he was working alone and wanted to maximize his growth, he joined Flywire. Rubén spent two years at that company and his knowledge about software development grew exponentially.

Rubén started looking for new challenges, he is now living in San Francisco and working at BetterDoctor. He is figuring out how things work in the city where many tech companies have started.

His dream is starting his own company someday.

Rocío Pérez

Expensify, San Francisco

Rocio received her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from University of Seville. However, she takes advantage of every opportunity to live abroad, so she’s had the chance of studying abroad in some great universities as Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Michigan and Cornell University in the U.S.
Before moving to San Francisco, she collaborated with a research group at University of Seville and took part in different software projects with small start-ups. Currently, Rocio works at Expensify, a company that develops a tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Literally, expense reports that don’t suck!
She loves discovering amazing and new places; loves playing video games, and she would try to keep herself active, joining any plan that comes up, indoors or outdoors. Rocio hardly ever says no to any good adventure.

Álvaro García

Ebates, San Francisco

Alvaro is a former entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in iOS development. Before moving to San Francisco, he was working as a backend and mobile developer at Stuart, a last mile delivery company in Barcelona.
Alvaro now lives in San Francisco, where he works as a mobile developer at Ebates, a shopping portal offering coupons and cash back from thousands of retailers.

José Manuel Cruz


José Manuel earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Murcia.
He subsequently studied there a Msc. in Software Technologies, in collaboration with the RWTH Aachen University in Germany.
José Manuel is now working at Ebates in San Francisco, a shopping portal that offers coupons and cash back from online retailers.

Carlos Edo


Carlos got his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Automation at Carlos III University of Madrid. While studying, he founded a small startup with a colleague in the field of 3D printing, one of his passions.
He studied abroad for one year at Federal University of Itajubá (Brazil), where he was part of the local entrepreneurial community. Back in Madrid he worked for Ticketea, where he had the chance to learn a lot about software development (mainly about Python, Javascript and PHP).
Carlos now lives in New York, where he works as a full-stack developer at Thinkful, a company that is building an online school that combines the effectiveness of face-to-face learning with the accessibility of online education.

Yolanda Alonso

Turo, San Francisco

Yolanda Alonso studied at University of Burgos in Spain, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education. She developed her Master’s thesis at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, during the academic year she spent in Germany.
Before moving to San Francisco she worked as IT Manager at the European Business and Innovation Center of Burgos for almost 3 years. There she had the chance to support Spanish IT entrepreneurs and organize national tech events and worldwide hackathons. She currently works as Software Engineer at Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace based in San Francisco.
Yolanda supports the role of women working in technology and is part of the group ‘tech&ladies’. She loves traveling, getting immersed in other cultures and learning languages. She enjoys reading mystery and crime books.

Antonio Caminero

Ebates, San Francisco

Antonio studied at the University of Seville, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 2016. He enjoys spending time in the nature, exploring new places and breakdancing. He is a Python enthusiast, Unix/Linux lover and eternal ESL learner.
He currently lives in San Francisco and works as a Data Engineer at Ebates, a cashback website headquartered in SF.

Andrés Monge

Entytle, Mountain View

Andrés is a Software Engineer from Cádiz, the south of Spain. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Seville, a Master’s Degree in Information Security Technologies and a Master course in Entrepreneurship Development, he decided to quit his job as CTO at and move to California seeking bigger challenges.
Passionate in everything he does, he loves having deep technical discussions around code abstraction as much as having a big cup of coffee in the mornings.

Jorge García

Splash, New York City

Jorge holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering specialized in Electronics earned at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). He is passionate about Robotics and Software Development and always tries to keep learning and improving his skills.
He worked at Vestas developing small applications; then he worked at BQ, where he was able to learn how to work in Software professionally. Jorge now lives in New York City working as a full stack developer at Splash, a company that helps to create beautiful websites for your events.
Fun fact: Jorge enjoys having dinner with his friends, playing table-tennis or padle and going out for dancing or to sing in a karaoke.

Carlos Maycas

Ebates, San Diego

Carlos studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. He has always dreamed of living in California since he got into the computer science world.
During his work experience he has worked in different research groups and companies in Valencia and Madrid where he has acquired different programming skills and knowledge about several areas like genetics or banking.
Carlos is currently working as a Software Engineer at Ebates, in San Diego, a pioneer company of online cash back shopping. This is a great opportunity to improve his skills and knowledge in software development.
Fun fact: He has begun to surf this year, so he found another reason to love the San Diego area.

Esaú Suárez

Entytle, Mountain View

Esau is a Software Engineer from Tenerife, Spain. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Applications. Esaú worked for over three years as a full stack developer in Tenerife, his birth place, and then he heard of and applied for StepOne’s program Jóvenes con Futuro.
He defines himself as an active and proactive person. He has always wanted to live abroad and loves adventure sports such as climbing and canyoning.
As an interesting fact: Esaú is scared of comfort zones; “adventure is out there” is his favorite quote.

Carlos Muñoz

Turo, San Francisco

Carlos studied at the University Carlos III in Madrid. He finished his double degree in Computer Science and Business Management in 2015.
Before moving to the Bay Area, Carlos worked at minube, a cool startup located in Madrid and well known in the Spanish startup scene. It allowed him to gain the skills that helped him jump to this new experience.
Carlos is currently a backend developer at Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace based in San Francisco.
Fun fact: Carlos loves basketball, and supports Golden State Warriors. He crosses the Bay Bridge to see them play whenever he can.

Antonio Borrero

Quri, San Francisco

Antonio graduated from the University of Seville in 2013, when he earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
Before moving to San Francisco, he spent two years working in a startup in London named BridgeU. He is currently working at Quri, a company that provides big brands with analytics.
Fun fact: Antonio spends most of his free time surfing and playing the guitar.

Jorge Calvo

Intelygenz Inc., Redwood City

Jorge graduated at Cranfield University in 2014 in UK, where he studied an MSc in Distributed Computing. After one year working in Cambridge at Citrix, he decided to give a try to the whole Silicon Valley experience and applied for Jóvenes con Futuro.
He currently lives in Redwood City and works for Intelygenz Inc., offering services from computer vision to multi platform applications to companies such as Vodafone and BBVA in the Silicon Valley.
Since it’s his first experience in the USA, he’s always up for any trip to visit the country, preferably long road trips.

Raúl Marrero

Moxie, New York City

Raúl finished his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of La Laguna in 2014. He is currently finishing his Master Degree in Computer Science at the same place. He has worked as a fullstack developer in different companies in Tenerife, where he improved his skills and knowledge about programming. He has also participated in the organization of new technology and e-sports events such as TLP Tenerife, where he could work combining his two passions: computers and videogames.

He is working as a WordPress developer at Moxie, in New York City. This opportunity has allowed him to work on what he likes and also living new experiences abroad.

Fun Fact: He loves playing guitar, he hasn’t played it for ages though.

Alfonso Pérez-Embid

Quri, San Francisco

Alfonso studied at the University of Seville, where he graduated with a BSc in Computer Science.
Bitcoin enthusiast, Alfonso loves the web, good security practices and dynamically typed languages. He also loves travelling and surfing and is currently working at Quri as a Software Engineer intern.

Alfonso González

Turo, San Francisco

Alfonso graduated in Computer Science in 2013 and got his Master’s degree in Security of Information and Telecommunication in 2014. He is currently working as a full stack engineer in Turo.
He is a keen traveler, and loves the asian cuisine and culture. He has spend a couple of month in Japan and South Korea, and move to SF on late 2015.

César de la Vega

Turo, San Francisco

César studied a simultaneous degree on Computer Science and Business Management at Carlos III University in Madrid. During his university period, he spent some time abroad studying at University of California San Diego after which he stayed in San Francisco doing an internship in Floqq, a Spanish startup in 500 Startups. He also spent his last year of uni as an Erasmus student at Kingston University in London. Now he is back in the Bay Area trying to enrich his work experience in software development and entrepreneurship.
He is an Android developer at Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace.
Fun fact: César loves traveling and he has always wanted to move to a city where he can surf on a daily basis.

Eduardo Monroy

Elevate, San Francisco

Eduardo finished his Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in 2013, where he also completed a Course in Expert in Game Development. Because he has always been interested in entrepreneurship, he ended up co-founding his own startup with other four partners: Furious Koalas, a game development company which released his first phone app in the winter of 2015.
He is currently working at Elevate, an outstanding startup based in San Francisco with an homonimous app awarded Apple’s iPhone App of the year 2014.
Fun Fact: Eduardo likes hanging out with friends, loves food and animals and enjoys travelling.

Carlos Palacín

Swarm Mobile, San Francisco

Carlos graduated in Computer Science from Universidad de Málaga in the south of Spain in 2013. After working at IBM for more than one year as an application developer, Carlos moved to San Francisco to work at Swarm Mobile as a full stack engineer.
He’s currently a software engineer at Groupon -which acquired Swarm Mobile- focusing on POS integration through Rest API.

Nicolás de Boni

RelayRides, San Francisco

Nicolás graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia as a Computer Engineer. Before moving to San Francisco, he gained experience studying in Warsaw and Amsterdam, and working for a startup as an intern in Berlin.
Nicolás currently helps RelayRides become the best peer-to-peer car rental marketplace in the world.

Abel Mayorga

Entytle, Mountain View

Abel studied at the University of León, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He enjoys traveling and always wanted to live abroad. Before moving to Silicon Valley, he worked in León while he gained skills and formally learnt English, in order to get ready for this adventure.
Abel now lives in Mountain View, and is working at Entytle, a company that, using software analytics and machine learning, helps B2B companies increase their repeat and recurring revenue from their existing customers.
Fun fact: Abel loves traveling, going clubbing in San Francisco, and bringing traditions to Silicon Valley as the well-known wine lemonade from León.

Jacobo Tarragón Cros

Onevest, New York City

Jacobo is a software engineer from Benicassim, Castellón. He graduated in Computer Science from Universitat Jaume I, and started working as a web developer in 2006. Soon after he moved to Geneva (Switzerland) to become a member in the monitoring team for Grid Technology at CERN, an international physics laboratory. Following his passion for startups, he moved to New York in 2014 to join Onevest.

Eduard Llamosí

Quri, San Francisco

Eduard graduated in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia in 2014. During his studies he was an intern at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and an exchange student at Northeastern University, where he developed his Master Thesis. After graduation, he worked at Zhilabs, a network data analytics company based in Barcelona.
He is now taking part in an internship at Quri, a company from San Francisco providing a platform for the gathering and analysis of retail data.

Belén Cruz Zapata

Swarm, San Francisco

Belén Cruz Zapata received her engineer’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Murcia in Spain, specialized in software technologies and intelligent and knowledge technologies. She earned an M.Sc in Computer Science and is now working in her PhD in the Software Engineering Research Group from the University of Murcia in collaboration with the Université Mohammed V-Soussi, from Rabat, Morocco.
Belén currently works at Groupon as a mobile software engineer in San Francisco, after the acquisition of her previous company, Swarm Mobile, which helps business retailers understand their businesses and customers better.

José Arias Fernández

Goji, San Francisco

Jose studied Computer Science at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid where he also got a Master Degree on Software Engineering, studying the second year of his MSc in Sweden. He is currently working at Goji, developing smart locks that give you complete control over access to your home using your mobile phone.

Víctor Mier

Bright Funds, San Francisco

Víctor joined the Bright Funds team in the third edition of Jóvenes con Futuro. He previously worked as a developer at Itnig and graduated as a Computer Engineer from BarcelonaTech.

Alberto de Pablo

Relay Rides, San Francisco

Alberto is a graduate of the Technical University of Madrid and holds a Master of Science by the Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago. He’s been working as a financial business consultant for more than four years. However, he decided to change his career and founded his own startup in Spain, Bodagram.
Alberto loves to think about people’s everyday “off-line problems” and how to solve them using technology. He wants to learn from the best and gain more experience in the start-up world. He joined the team of RelayRides in 2013 to help them build the best peer-to-peer car rental marketplace in the world.

Cristian González

Rock The Post, New York City

Cristian obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Technical University of Barcelona in 2010.
Just after his graduation, Cristian founded a meetup web planner called Pickate. After this period he joined as a CTO la Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP), a Spanish startup which is now the biggest spanish e-sports league.
Cristian is currently working with the engineering team of RockThePost, a web platform that helps entrepreneurs raise funds from investors.

Toni Rico

Mindsnacks, San Francisco

Antonio graduated from the Technical University of Madrid where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.
Antonio is currently working at Mindsnacks (now Elevate, Apple iPhone’s App of the year 2014), a platform that delivers learning in bite-sized lessons that can be accessed anywhere, and anytime. This unique approach harnesses the power of mobile devices and effective pedagogic principles of game-based learning to increase the user’s capacity to learn through higher frequency and engagement.

Antón Morant

Mindsnacks, San Francisco

Antón studied Computer Science at the University of Oviedo and he also obtained an MSc from Oxford University. He’s currently studying an MSc in Artificial Intelligence.
Anton lived in London working as an engineer on VFX production tools at The Foundry ( He’s now working as software engineer at Mindsnacks (now Elevate, Apple iPhone’s App of the year 2014), where he has achieved his dream of becoming a game developer.
In his spare time, Antón cultivates his other great passions: Theatre (he was an actor at the Oxford Spanish Play company in the UK) and Karate (he holds a black belt!).

Diego Güemes, San Francisco

Diego studied Software Engineering at Burgos University where he’s currently finishing a Master’s Degree.
He worked two years in Spain prior to his move to Silicon Valley. Diego joined (acquiered by Marketo) in 2013, a startup that develops mobile A/B testing, run tests, analyze results and increases revenue.
In his spare time, Diego loves playing soccer and poker!

Iván García

Swarm Mobile (acquired by Groupon), San Francisco

Iván studied computer engineering at E.U. Gimbernat and has worked for several companies as web analyst and web developer.
He started working at Swarm Mobile when he moved to San Francisco, a company that provides solutions for shopper analytics and omnichannel marketing. Iván is working at Groupon since the acquisition of Swarm Mobile.

Sergio Almécija

Tapjoy, San Francisco

Sergio Almécija Rodríguez had graduated at University of Granada, where he successfully completed his academic training, when he moved to the US in 2012. While attending University, his charge as a Communication Vice-President of AIESEC Granada allowed him to achieve entrepreneurial skills.
Sergio worked at Intelligenia S.L. in Spain, he was the person in charge to interface and user experience.
He started working as an optimization user experience developer tools in Tapjoy Inc. in San Francisco and is currently a software developer at Yahoo.

Eduardo Berbis

Critsend, San Francisco

Eduardo studied at the Complutense University of Madrid and was enrolled one year in the Technical University of Eindhoven. Before going abroad, he worked for Starbucks for more than 5 years and, among other responsibilities, it was as District Coffee Master that he got enchanted by the American business model. During his time in The Netherlands, he worked for Dynaflow Research Group in The Hague Area designing a special dynamic mesh generator for the FE Pipe template to perform accurate stress analyses near elbows in pipelines.
He joined join CritSend in 2012 where he improved his technical skills and satiated his hunger for entrepreneurial adventures.
Fun Fact: Eduardo is an enthusiastic of sports, he loves to swim, run and has played soccer in Regional Division in Madrid and in the KNVB in Eindhoven.

Miguel J. Carranza

Mindsnacks, San Francisco

Miguel graduated with an MSc in Software Engineering from Cranfield University, UK, after studying at University of Seville. His thesis project ‘Surfinga, Surf social network with wave forecast’ was given Honorable Mention by the University of Seville.
He joined Mindsnacks (now Elevate) in September 2012, a startup company that develops educational games for mobile platforms in San Francisco. Elevate App is a brain trainer named Apple’s iPhone App of the year 2014.
Fun Fact: Miguel has always loved computers, but he likes to spend his free time playing with his rock band and surfing the South of Spain and the West coast of Portugal.

Carlos Catalán

TinyPost, Palo Alto

Carlos Catalán studied at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he collaborated with the Artificial Intelligence Department for five years. During college, he worked with his colleagues on several projects regarding automatic content generation.
He started his internship at Tiny Post (later acquired by TripAdvisor) in Palo Alto in 2012, surrounded with extremely talented people. He absolute loves coding and is eager to venture into the crazy world of internet tech. Carlos is now a game developer at Rockstar Games.
Fun Fact: Carlos loves drawing and has being doing so for as long as he can remember. He also likes martial arts and is a 1st dan karate practitioner.

Cristobal Chao

Hattery Labs, San Francisco

Cristobal was a graduate of Technical University of Madrid, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a Master’s degree in Web Engineering, when he joined the Jóvenes con Futuro team.
Some time before he moved to the US Cristobal had been working at Oracle as a software engineer/developer and had been getting experience in the small-tech computer industry as well. He joined Hattery Labs in 2012 where he worked as part of the engineering team. Cristobal is currently working at Google.
Fun Fact : Cristobal is a soccer player and an avid sports fan. He also enjoys poker, chess and other mental games.

Luis Enrique Fabián, New York City

Luis E. Fabián Lebrón joined the team in 2012, and after working at several companies in New York, he finally joined Google in 2015. Originally from Madrid, Luis graduated from the Universidad Carlos III in 2010. While attending college, Luis worked as an intern at Telefónica I+D.
The start-up world is not new to Luis, after graduating with a degree in computer science, Luis joined the team of software developers at in Madrid.
In his free time, he developed a mobile transportation application “TransportApp”, which is one of the top Travel Apps in Spain.
Fun fact: Luis is fan of Atletico Madrid, he never lost a match. Also loves animals and playing FIFA!

Jorge Pintado

KuaPay, Santa Mónica

Jorge had graduated in Telecommunication and Computer Engineering from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid when he joined KuaPay in Santa Monica, CA in 2012 as a team lead Android developer .
He is currently working at Yahoo as a software engineer in the Android team.

Jesús F. Trujillo

Index, San Francisco

Jesús joined the Index team in San Francisco in 2012 after graduating from Universidad de Sevilla in Computer Science.
He is currently a software engineer at Yahoo.

Pablo Guevara

ZocDoc, New York City

Pablo Guevara graduated from Technical University of Barcelona, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.
He moved to the US in 2013 to start his internships at ZocDoc in New York, where he is still working as software engineer.

Antonio Bustamante

Hattery Labs, San Francisco

Antonio designs and programs in the language of your mind. He unites two main disciplines, design and informatics, specializing in User Experience and Product Design. He is passionate about connecting the world with engineering aesthetic.

Saúl Díez Guerra

Ampush Social, San Francisco

Saúl was a recent graduate in computer engineering and was finishing his studies in telecommunications when he started his internships in the US. He has always been very active in the entrepreneurial and programming community as a moderator and programmer for various forums. He also previously complemented his academic work interning at Telefonica Research and Development.
Saúl joined the AmpushSocial team that is based in San Francisco in 2011 and is currently CTO at Thinkful in New York.
Fun Fact: Saúl began studying and training for his pilot´s license, and is also an amateur photographer and graphic designer.

Ignacio Soto

Mindsnacks, San Francisco

Ignacio seems bound to work in Silicon Valley, and jumped at the first opportunity to do so. He took time off of school in order to work full time at Mindsnacks in their San Francisco office. The startup world is nothing new to Ignacio, having been working for Ticketea in Madrid and developing some of his own applications for iOS, both in his free time.
He is currently working at Khan Academy in Mountain View.
Fun Fact: Ignacio is a Spanish champion for Rubik´s Cube and is also a chess player in the first division of the Madrid Chess League.

Alberto Díaz Hernández

InternMatch, San Francisco

Alberto Díaz Hernández studied at the Technical University of Madrid where he complimented his studies with a summer program at IESE Business School in 2010. During school, he was actively programming as a freelancer and IT specialist and turned these projects into his own side business.
In 2011 he joined the team of InternMatch in San Francisco where he worked on their web platform and added value to their tech stack development. Alberto is currently head of mobile at El Corte Ingles in Spain.
Fun Fact: Alberto developed his own startup Daorba Technologies that aims to develop a social community for foreign students in Spain. He also plays acoustic and classical guitar.

Pol Miro Omella

Rewardli, San Francisco

Pol participated in the first edition of Jóvenes con Futuro after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia where he was awarded for his programming ability. Outside of his academic work, Pol has been involved in startups with the Tetuan Valley Startup School program, apart from his own startup.
When he came to the US he started working at Rewardli on a stealth mode project and was part of the engineering team that was building a minimum viable product. Pol is currently at Quri.
Fun Fact: Pol is an avid skier, snowboarder and basketball player. He started his own company called Menuting.

Meet our host companies

“Jóvenes con Futuro has been an amazing experience. The people you meet are amazing. Just in case there is someone still on the fence: this is a life-changing experience and it’s definitely worth it.”

Saúl Díez Guerra, 1st Edition Jóvenes con Futuro USACTO, Thinkful

“Jóvenes con Futuro is a great opportunity for any young and talented engineer. It will allow you to grow both professionally and personally and work on some of the most competitive markets. I would say is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Luis E. Fabian, 2nd Edition Jóvenes con Futuro USASoftware Engineer , Google

We’ve had a fantastic experience working with StepOne for the last few years. They’ve consistently matched us with phenomenally talented engineers that are a pleasure to work with. The StepOne program has been a huge part of Elevate’s success and we are excited to continue working with them.

Jesse PickardFounder and CEO, Elevate, Apple’s iPhone App of the year 2014

We work hard to have many perspectives on our team, without compromising skill.
Luis is perfect. He’s talented, learns fast, and has a great attitude. And of course he brings his own view of the world, technology and business – about Luis Fabian

David BloomFounder and CEO,

JCF it’s a very fresh initiative with a lot of projection in the future which will not only help Spaniards to come to understand the American business model but also to work in a multicultural environment out of their own home ecosystem.
This project can enrich their entrepreneurial skills and encourage the development of their own ideas, both in their start-up and in other community they might be involve with – about Eduardo Berbis.

Nicolas ToperFounder and CEO, Critsend

We had a fantastic experience working with JcF. We were especially surprised with the ease of the J-1 visa process; StepOne did a fantastic job managing that.
Most importantly, we’re having a great time with Carlos, our intern from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is blowing away all our expectations and we would very highly recommend this program to any other startup – about Carlos Catalán.

Dick BrouwerFounder and CEO, Tiny Post