Jóvenes con Futuro is an internship program that connects top technical talent in Spain with startups in USA.

Benefits for host companies:

Get the brightest technical minds from Spain and take advantage of this fresh talent.

Find proficient developers who can make a direct impact on your company’s growth and success.

Easy hiring process, the program facilitates the full process. Companies don’t have to deal with the visa for participants.

Create a multicultural business environment and get new ways of thinking from other parts of the world.

Get full commitment from the interns, our candidates come to the US specifically for this experience and they are fully focused on their internships.



Incorporated in the USA.

Provide positive entrepreneurial and technical experience.

Provide suitable workspace and necessary equipment.

Designate a supervisor/mentor.

Must have an Employer Identification Number or Tax ID Number.

Must have an active Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy.



Provide structured practical training experience within a professional environment.

Create opportunities for cultural exchange via co-worker interactions.

Follow the Internship Placement Program guidelines.

Pay a monthly salary

“We’ve had a fantastic experience working with StepOne for the last few years. They’ve consistently matched us with phenomenally talented engineers that are a pleasure to work with. The StepOne program has been a huge part of Elevate’s success and we are excited to continue working with them.”

Jesse PickardFounder and CEO, Elevate, Apple’s iPhone App of the year 2014

“We work hard to have many perspectives on our team, without compromising skill.
Luis is perfect. He’s talented, learns fast, and has a great attitude. And of course he brings his own view of the world, technology and business – about Luis Fabian.”

David BloomFounder and CEO, Ordr.in

“CF it’s a very fresh initiative with a lot of projection in the future which will not only help Spaniards to come to understand the American business model but also to work in a multicultural environment out of their own home ecosystem.
This project can enrich their entrepreneurial skills and encourage the development of their own ideas, both in their start-up and in other community they might be involve with – about Eduardo Berbis.”

Nicolas ToperFounder and CEO, Critsend

“We had a fantastic experience working with JcF. We were especially surprised with the ease of the J-1 visa process; StepOne did a fantastic job managing that.
Most importantly, we’re having a great time with Carlos, our intern from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is blowing away all our expectations and we would very highly recommend this program to any other startup – about Carlos Catalán.”

Dick BrouwerFounder and CEO, Tiny Post

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