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Who we are

Venture Builder Capital

StepOne Ventures is a venture capital fund created with the purpose of investing in the first stage of technological companies with a high growth potential. On many occasions we will be the first committed investor so we can build a long-term relationship with the entrepreneurs helping them to scale their startups.

We also operate as a venture builder helping startups to grow and consolidate their business, putting at their disposal capital and a wide variety of venture builder services supported by the reliability of Barrabes Group (marketing agency, UX & Design, IT development, Investment Advisory…)

StepOne Ventures is part of Barrabés Group, a cluster of companies in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship, customer experience and emerging technologies. Being independent companies, we operate as one big corporation with an extended team of more than 180 professionals and an activity of €10 million in innovative projects. Our relationship with large corporates allows us to better understand the needs of the market.

Where we are

StepOne Ventures is present in the main meeting points for startups in the world: San Franciso, Madrid and Oulu.

San Francisco: We are present in the main worldwide entrepreneurship hub collaborating with a big pool startup.
Madrid (HQ): One of the biggest European capitals, we have a hub where we are in touch with big corporations, co-investors and entrepreneurs.
Oulu: (HQ): Considered the European Silicon Valley, StepOne Ventures has a strong network with the innovation ecosystem.


StepOne was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, with the main goal of helping businesses to grow in the United States and more specifically in the Silicon Valley area.


With over 20 years of experience in providing strategic value to large Spanish companies, Barrabés has become a leader in innovation in Spain. Our experience in creating startups and our strategic location offer us constant access to the most technologically advanced companies.

#Accelerated Startups:+12.000

#Cluster Barrabés:17

#Years of experience:17

StepOne Ventures

StepOne Ventures has a team led by experts with extensive knowledge of the investments sector, providing professional experience in Venture Capital Funds (San Francisco), M&A of digital companies and consulting


#Years of experience:+25


Carlos Barrabés

Luis A. Martín

Josep Badía

Gonzalo Tejuca

Borja García-Nieto

Eduardo Aquilar

Luis Miguel Ciprés