Since 2010, the program has paired Spain’s most talented developers with some of the most innovative tech companies in the US. JcF interns live the experience of contributing to the growth of startups in some of the world’s most vibrant tech ecosystems.

The program

Talent and Training

We select the best technical people in Spain through an exhaustive election process encompassing personal and technical interviews.

Startup Experience

Live the adventure of working in a startup for three to six months.


The program manages legal contracts, visa processing and health insurance for participants.


Become part of Jóvenes con Futuro and join our community of outstanding tech people, startups and events.


For participants:

Live a startup experience and enrich your entrepreneurial skills.

Develop your career in the most innovative ecosystems in the world and be part of the dynamic, fast and changing atmosphere.

Power up your technical abilities from hands-on experience.


Get immersed into an international environment and learn from the american working culture. Extend your professional network and meet relevant experts worldwide.


Financial support for soft-landing.

For host companies:

Get the brightest technical minds from Spain and take advantage of this fresh talent.


Find proficient developers who can make a direct impact on your company’s growth and success.

Easy hiring process, the program facilitates the full process.

Create a multicultural business environment and get new ways of thinking from other parts of the world.


Get full commitment from the interns, our candidates come to the US specifically for this experience and they are very focus.

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