Jóvenes con futuro StepOne and Fundación Rafael del Pino are proud to introduce a program designed for young Spanish Computer Science Engineers looking to build upon their experience and entrepreneurial drive. Each year, this program will select a number of recent top Spanish graduates to intern with tech startups in San Francisco and New York.

Participants of 2013

  • Age 25, from Barcelona

    Iván studied computer engineering at E.U. Gimbernat. He is still working at Swarm Mobile, company that provides solutions for shopper analytics and omnichannel marketing.

  • Age 25, from Burgos

    Diego studied Software Engineering at Burgos University and he’s currently finishing his Master’s Degree. He joined the Vessel.io team in Silicon Valley.

  • Age 25, from Oviedo

    Antón studied Computer Science at the University of Oviedo and he also obtained an MSc from Oxford University. He’s currently studying an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and works at Mindsnacks.

  • Age 23, from Alicante

    Antonio graduated at the Technical University of Madrid where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Antonio currently works at Mindsnacks, a platform that delivers bite-sized lessons

  • Age 26, from Barcelona

    Cristian obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Technical University of Barcelona in 2010 and he’s currently working at RockThePost helping entrepreneurs to raise funds.

  • Age 28, from Almansa, Albacete

    Alberto graduate from UPM and holds a MSc by the IIT. He joined the team of RelayRides, a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace.

  • Age 25, from Barcelona

    Víctor has recently joined the Bright Funds team. He was previously a developer at Itnig and graduated as a Computer Engineer from BarcelonaTech.

Participants of 2012

  • Age 24, from Barcelona

    Pablo Guevara is a graduate of Technical University of Barcelona, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

  • Age 24, from Sevilla

    Jesús F. Trujillo has recently joined the Index team. Originally from Seville, Luis graduated from the Universidad de Sevilla in 2012.

  • Age 24, from Madrid

    Jorge Pintado has just graduated as a Telecommunication and Computer Engineering from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.

  • Age 23, from Madrid

    Antonio designs and programs in the language of your mind. He unites two main disciplines, design and informatics, specializing in User Experience and Product Design.

  • Age 25, from Pinto, Madrid

    Luis E. Fabián Lebrón has recently joined the Ordr.in team. Originally from Madrid, Luis graduated from the Universidad Carlos III in 2010.

  • Age 25, from Málaga

    Cristobal is a graduate of Technical University of Madrid, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a Master’s degree in Web Engineering.

  • Age 22, from Madrid

    Carlos Catalán studied at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he collaborated with the Artificial Intelligence Department for five years

  • Age 25, from Sevilla

    Miguel has just graduated with an MSc in Software Engineering from Cranfield University, UK, after studying at University of Seville

  • Age 26, from Madrid

    Eduardo studied at the Complutense University of Madrid and was enrolled one year in the Technical University of Eindhoven.

  • Age 25, from Jaén

    Sergio Almécija Rodríguez has just graduated at University of Granada, where he completed his academic training.

Participants of 2011

  • Age 22, from Barcelona

    Young entrepreneur and developer who graduated from the University of Catalonia

  • Age 23, from Las Palmas

    Programmer and graduate of the Technical University of Madrid and founder of his own startup

  • Age 21, from Madrid

    Programmer and student of Computer Science who will take time off of school to participate in this program