Have you ever thought of New York City as your next great destination in your professional career? Would you like to learn more about some of our jóvenes that are currently living and working in the Big Apple? Keep reading.


New York’s tech startup scene is growing and is stronger than ever. It is home to several unicorns like WeWork, Vice Media, Blue Apron, ZocDoc, AppNexus… etc; investors, and lots of engineering talent. Jóvenes con Futuro has already brought seven jóvenes to the City, they are working at startups and big corporations and having a great experience. The community is growing!

This week we are chatting with Jorge García, a young Industrial Engineer specialized in Electronics, originally from Madrid that is working in New York at a very cool startup called Splash. Founded in 2011, Splash develops a platform that lets its users create event experiences providing multiple design, planning and analysis options and integration with marketing tools.

Let’s meet him!


Jorge Garcia Splash

Jorge, let’s learn more about you. What were you doing before moving to the US and what do you do now at Splash? 

Before moving to the US, I worked on a pretty interesting project creating a platform to help teach robotics and programming to children. This gave the instructors a tool to show how to control a robot with simple commands by only dragging and dropping blocks.

Even though I was very happy at that moment, coming to the United States was an opportunity to work with many talented people and on innovative projects and it was too interesting to be ignored. I didn’t think it twice.

Right now, I am involved in several interesting projects. For example, I am working on a background process tracker that allows Splash’s users to check the progress and have useful information of the tasks that are being processed in the back-end; I am also working on a new view and workflow to show information for ticketed events; and, last but not least, on a new way to handle users’ contact lists.

Working on these projects has been an amazing experience, the people I am working with are very professional and have great ideas, but what I appreciate the most is that everyone is involved in all phases of a certain project. This way we are having people from customer support, product, user experience, development, etc. deciding what is the best for the company. I think this kind of teamwork is extremely productive in the long term because it is possible to understand how other departments work and what they need.


Your education is not directly related to Software Engineering. How did you get into this field? Did you learn just by yourself?

I studied Industrial Engineering and it was frustrating for me not to be able to apply the things I learned because I needed to buy expensive tools or because it was too hard to create the environment to use the new knowledge I had.

This changed when I had my first programming class. The professor showed us that by just writing some lines of code you could calculate the factorial of a number, for example. That blew my mind, I could create any program I could imagine just using my computer, and it’d be totally free!

Eventually, basic programming was not enough for me. I wanted to create bigger things, like websites, Android applications, desktop applications, etc. but even though it was not taught in college, tutorials, guides, and examples are readily available on the Internet, all for free. After all this, I decided I wanted to focus my career on Software Engineering.


Splash raised $7M Series B very recently. I guess you all had busy times at the company and that you are learning a lot about running a startup. How did you and the rest of your team experience that important event?

Actually, I think we handled it in a very mature way. We understood that it was a sign that people have confidence in what we are doing and that we will have to work really hard to continue satisfying our customers and users needs. Our CEO didn’t want to make a big deal of it and I agree with him.

What do you think about the New York tech ecosystem? What do you like the most about it?

New York’s tech ecosystem is incomparable. There is a huge amount of tech companies and infinite Meetups where all the knowledge is shared. It is exciting because people are investing a lot in tech here. As a result, more startups and large companies can create amazing products that will change the world and are already changing it.


What learnings do you have from this experience of being part of Jóvenes con Futuro? What are your plans for the future?

Working in the United States with such talented people, being involved in a lot of projects, and understanding the working culture of getting things done fast and focusing on the product, really helped me grow professionally.

It’s turned out that everything is working out very well for me here, Splash and I agreed to extend my internships so I will keep working in the company for at least one more year. I am really excited about my future with Splash! 

Other than that, I’m very happy with the guys from Jóvenes con Futuro that I’ve met here. We use to hang out a lot and help each other in everything we need. This contributes to have such a great experience in New York.


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