Today we are chatting with two of our jóvenes from the sixth edition of Jóvenes con Futuro that are currently interning at a startup in Silicon Valley called Entytle, headquartered between Palo Alto and Mountain View.

The interviewees today are Esaú Suárez – 25 years old, originally from Tenerife, graduated from La Laguna University, and Andrés Monge – 26 years old, gaditano, from University of Seville, two young engineers that are having an awesome and intense experience in the Valley. Let’s meet them!
Esaú & Andrés

 Esaú Suárez (left) and Andrés Monge (right) at Entytle’s office hall. 


You guys work at Entytle, a Palo Alto-based startup that develops a platform to help companies increase their aftermarket revenues. Could you tell us what you do, in what team are you working in and what projects are you involved in?

Andrés and Esaú: There are two engineering teams at Entytle, one in India and one in California; we are part of the team based in Palo Alto. Our initial work was on the UI design for an internal tool; but as we started to get comfortable with the business domain, we have been getting more responsibilities in other areas within the IT stack and have also dived into API and microservices development (backend).

Both of us are currently working on different aspects in one of Entytle’s internal web apps, which is used to run an internal company pipeline. At the same time, we’re working on the creation and integration of plugins for popular CRMs such as Salesforce.


You two have only been working in California since October and are already extremely involved in many aspects of the company. How do you feel you are being valued and treated by the rest of your colleagues? Has it been like this since the beginning?

Andrés: From the beginning we feel completely integrated within the whole team, not only the engineering one. They all have been really helpful for us, professionally and personally. For example, we use to celebrate a team lunch every Wednesday where we can talk with our colleagues; our CEO even lent me his car when I had to drive to the airport; and we also went for a ski travel of three days with another colleague. Everybody has been very friendly with us.

Furthermore, as we have been evolving within the company, we have started getting involved in more aspects like for example the recently new design of our new company office hall. Our opinions are always taken into consideration and I feel like I’m valued by the rest of the team.

Esaú: Since the beginning, I’ve felt like I’m a valuable and important part of the team. Our supervisors have always been really helpful, not only in professional aspects, but also in providing us with all the advice we needed for properly settling down in the area.

We feel like our opinions are always considered and I have the feeling that if we have good arguments to support our suggestions, they are almost 100% guaranteed to be taken into account.

Now that we’ve got to spend some time working at Entytle, I’m starting to feel like an important part of the engineering team.



Image of the design of the new office’s hall that Esaú and Andrés worked on.


The company is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and home to big corps like Google, Linkedin, Symantec… and many Venture Capital firms, accelerators and startups. You both also live in the area. How do you feel about being in this ecosystem that is so different from what you were used to in Tenerife and Seville?

Andrés: I have met amazing people in the Valley that are working in the biggest engineering departments in the world like Google or Facebook. I have learned a lot since I am living here: new technologies and some skills on them like React, which I didn´t know when I moved in October and now I am going to attend a hackathon next week. Silicon Valley offers excellent opportunities to learn and develop new skills and grow as an engineer.

Esaú: I think we’ve been extremely lucky with the connections we’ve made so far in the area. We’ve met people from some of the biggest tech companies in the world and we’re getting to know what working in those places looks like.

Working in a startup is always a challenging experience; being able to adapt to a quick-evolving environment is not something everyone’s ready to do, but I find it interesting and I’d definitely recommend anyone in tech giving it a shot.

Additionally, there are always interesting tech-related events going on in San Francisco; meeting developers and networking is always a plus for your career.


How do you like living in Silicon Valley? What do you use to do in your free time?

Andrés: We have been taking a lot of advantage of our (so far) short stay in the area. I have done many things since I moved here, from a road trip to San Diego, including surfing for my first time in La Jolla; to a ski travel with my friends to Bear Valley, including trips around the whole Bay Area, or a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon and ¨some¨ nights out in San Francisco and Mountain View.

Esaú: Mountain View is a quiet and enjoyable place which is not far away from the City. To me, it has all the advantages a place could have for my weekdays: bike commuting, good choice of restaurants and bars to hang out in the evenings and I can take the Caltrain any time to either San Francisco or San Jose.

Whenever we get a long weekend or some free time or holidays, we like to explore the area and visit interesting landmarks around the state; we’ve visited most of the cities around the Bay Area, I’ve tried tandem skydiving, we were on a road trip to San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Bear Valley,… I’m definitely enjoying this experience so far.


From your point of view, what is the best thing about this experience? What would you tell other young engineers like you that would like to come to Silicon Valley?

Andrés: Well, like everything in life, there are pros and cons. It is hard to leave your home and cross the world to take a job, but it is indeed an incredible experience. You learn about many aspects, not only professional ones; and if you take all the opportunities that it brings, it is extremely worth it.

I would tell them not to be afraid about the big words. The ecosystem is incredible, and companies are always looking for engineers. If you can adapt quickly you will be able to join any team in the Bay Area, so don’t be afraid by the hype. Engineers are extremely well valued and companies know their importance. If you are good at what you do, give it a try.

Esaú: Getting to know a foreign country is always a good excuse to travel. In my case, and probably not only mine, I’d say working in Silicon Valley is the most ambitious goal any software engineer can aspire to. Being able to work here is itself rewarding enough, but when I think of it, it’s also allowing me to learn and enrich my career in a unique way.

I’d recommend anyone who likes challenges and enjoys learning and adapting to a quick-changing environment to apply for Jóvenes con Futuro and give this experience a shot. In my opinion, the most valuable skill that companies in the area look for is the ability to solve problems on your own and deliver sensible solutions for specific problems.

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