Here we are again with a new batch of talented jóvenes that are killing it in startups in the U.S.!

Today we want to introduce you all to Antonio Borrero, our first joven of this edition. Originally from Mazagón – a small beach village in Huelva, south of Spain -, he got his Degree in Computer Science from University of Seville in 2013 and worked at a startup in London for two years. After that, he moved to San Francisco a few months ago to work for a cool startup called Quri. Antonio is not the only joven Spaniard working at this compay, actually it has already hosted three engineers from Jóvenes con Futuro and they love having them here.


2016 - Antonio Borrero New


Not only Software engineer, Antonio is a surf and skate-lover and passionate about photography. For him, living in San Francisco not only means the opportunity of working in the heart of technology, but also a unique environment to practice the sports he loves. Let’s know a bit more about his story.


Q: Antonio, you are working at Quri – a retail intelligence and analytics company based in SoMa in San Francisco. Tell us a bit about what you do at the company.

A: As a back-end engineer, my job consists on providing front-end engineers with endpoints for new features, maintaining the system ensuring that downtimes are minimal, and trying to improve the performance and responsiveness of our services constantly.


Q: You worked for two years in a startup in London, BridgeU, so you are not new to this world. What differences do you find between the startup ecosystem in the UK and in Silicon Valley? And in terms of working culture? 

A: The main difference I´ve found is the size of the startup ecosystem in the UK. There are top startups and talented people in London too, but the concentration of talented people and startups that you can find here in San Francisco is incredible. Any random person you meet could be a researcher at Amazon, an engineer at Google and so on.

In terms of working culture, I’m not sure if I can generalize having worked only in one company in each place, but I think the biggest difference I have found is that here engineers’ opinions have more weight in the decision about if a feature should be developed or not for example.


Q: In relation to the previous question, what do you like the most about living this experience of working in California?

A: The thing I like the most about working and living here is to being able to work closely with very talented people and in the same city where many of the most important tech companies in the world are based. Because of that, I had the opportunity of having lunch in Heroku offices, attending meetups at Uber headquarters and participating in a Hackathon at Github offices for example, and that´s something that I couldn’t have experienced in any other places.


Q: Do you think that this opportunity will open professional doors for you if you decide to come back to Europe or decide to stay in the US? What is this opportunity meaning to you? 

A: I am very confident that this experience will open many doors in my professional career, as I am sure it will happen to all the other participants of the program. Not only because of the prestige I could gain by the simple fact of working in Silicon Valley, but also because of all the things I’m learning and I’m still going to learn while working here, I still have one more year to learn! This place is truly special for engineers.


Q: In your personal opinion, how do you value that organizations or programs like Jóvenes con Futuro encourage and promote talent between young people? 

A: Jóvenes con Futuro does an incredible job promoting this experience and making it easier for Spanish developers to have an opportunity here. I had never thought about coming here until I read about the program, and I’m very grateful to the people in Jóvenes con Futuro for setting up such a smooth application process and taking the time to build a community with all the participants of the program.


Thanks Antonio.


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