Without exaggeration we can say that the industry is a cornerstone for the future.

As happened with the First Industrial Revolution, the scale of the changes makes it very difficult (almost impossible) to know what the world will be like in the future.

They are big changes, but not just that; they also occur in many aspects and sectors.


GR portadaNobody could imagine, just 150 years ago, a world connected by transport and telecommunications, where there were national schooling systems throughout the world and the average life expectancy exceeded 70 years. Unlike then, currently that uncertain future will not be within 100 or even 50 years, but in 20 or 10. These are times of great complexity, and of accelerated changes.


Industry 4.0 or new manufacturing is the term “umbrella” that contains the seed of the IV Industrial Revolution, with productivity improvements of over 40%. Encompasses the vision of a new industry born with the great challenge of reinventing itself to be the main driver of the solution, rather than a fundamental part of the problem. The challenge is great: promoting environmental sustainability, contribute to the inclusiveness of the economy, allow a new paradigm of customer service, etc.


As detailed in this global report, to that end, new capabilities that requires the introduction of technology should be developed, but also new forms of management, organization, business models, and of course the best talent to build the unbuilt.


If for a moment we are able to contain the vertigo that produces this vision, we will be able to appreciate the incredible opportunities that entails.


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Luis Martín

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