Cabecera Twitter JCF 2016


Have you ever dreamed of working in the USA? Do you like programming, technology and startups? We are selecting young talented developers from Spain to take part in this experience of working at a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York through our placement program Jóvenes con Futuro.


What are the requirements to apply?

  • Student in their final year or recent graduate in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and other areas that include software development. It can be undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. You must be graduated by July 2016 to being able to participate.
  • Fluent in English to communicate in a professional way
  • Broad knowledge in programming languages such as  Java, JS, PHP, C/C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, Swift and other platforms/frameworks.
  • Spanish nationality and under 30 years old

We are selecting the best talent looking to have an immersion experience in the American startup ecosystem, programming-and-tech-lovers. It is highly valuable to have prior experience in web and/or mobile development, side projects, apps, open code…

What to expect of this adventure?

You will work at a very cool startup in the most innovative and competitive ecosystems of the world like Silicon Valley or New York, where the concentration of talent is at its highest level and the biggest tech companies of the world are present. You will have the opportunity to grow your professional network, learn from experts, get hands-on experience, and enrich your technical and entrepreneurial skills. You will get paid too! The average yearly salary during this period would be around $40,000.

StepOne will manage your J1 visa and health insurance and, for initial softlanding, the program offers the participants a loan to cover initial expenses and relocation to the United States.

The duration of the internships will be a minimum of 6 months, after which you may continue working at the company.

Since the creation of Jóvenes con Futuro, 34 outstanding engineers have benefited from this program. Around 85% of them are still working in the US at startups and big companies like Google, Yahoo, Groupon, Inditex…

Would you like to be the next Joven con Futuro?

Applications to participate in the selection process are open just for a few more days until April 30th, there is still time to apply. The program is launched only once a year, so do not miss this chance!

More info?

For more info, please visit our FAQs or contact us at You may also want to watch this video and hear from other participants’ stories…