Today, in the section Meeting new Jóvenes con Futuro, I am going to introduce you to Jorge Calvo, one of our interns from Jóvenes con Futuro 2015 edition.


2015 - Jorge Calvo

Jorge is 28 years old and is original from Seville, where he got his degree in Computer Science. He also got a Master’s Degree from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom in 2014 and had been working at Citrix – a computer software company- in Cambridge since then until he started his internship at Intelygenz USA through Jóvenes con Futuro, where he is currently working as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley.


Let’s chat a little bit with him :D!

A: Jorge, you are not new to the Software Development industry, what were you doing at Citrix before moving to the U.S.? 

Q: Yes, I was a member of the XenServer development team at Citrix. It’s the infrastructure that runs on top of a host machine that allows you to boot and manage virtual machines. I was working in the storage back end team.


A: Now you are working at Intelygenz USA in Silicon Valley. What do you do?

Q:  Intelygenz is a startup that has been in the Silicon Valley for around three years now. We work mainly (for now) offering web services and/or consultancy to our clients, although there is a wide range of projects, including computer vision, for example. There are some exciting projects under development right now, which are going towards to be the core products of the company.

Ever since I joined I have been treated like the most veteran ones, your real value to the company is who you are and what you can do, nothing to do with the title of your position.


A: You’ve been in Redwood City for a few months only, but what do you like the most about working in this part of the world? How different is working at a big company like Citrix and at a smaller one like Intelygenz?

Q: Well, it is true when they say that this is a whole new world. It’s nothing compared to what I’m used to in Europe. Working at a larger company makes you feel “safer”, as in more covered. There will be more people there that will help you in case you can’t work something out and also, you may not get very important tasks at the beginning. Since day 1 here, you are more exposed to everything and you must learn to work in a more independent and efficient way. It may happen that you are using a certain technology that has not been used in the company before and, instantly, you become the main responsible for it. It may sound tough but, trust me, it’s more rewarding than difficult!


A: Regarding your participation in Jóvenes con Futuro, why did you decide to apply for the program? Are you meeting your expectations? How is your experience going so far?

Q: I decided to apply because I wanted to feel the experience of living here and also to learn from the best. After seeing how the experience had been for others, I applied without hesitation. I haven’t been here for long but so far it couldn’t be better. It’s been only two months for me but I am doing things now that I would have never imagined hadn’t I come here.

Everything adds up, the people, the climate, the city, the talent you see in others …


A: Would you recommend it to other young developers like you that want to work in the US?

Q: If you have the opportunity to apply to Jovenes con futuro, do it, you will not regret it. It will be a once in a lifetime experience, both personally and professionally. Just by being here your mentality will change and you will grow in the right direction.


A: Now let’s talk about the upcoming future. What are your plans after you finish your internships? Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Q: I haven’t thought much about the future, the present right now is keeping me busy enough but for sure, as long as the visa allows me to stay, I will do it. Once you start here and you meet people in different events, other companies, etc. it becomes easier to find new objectives, other companies or whatever that will make you stay.


Would you like to be part of this experience and have the possibility to work as a developer in the most innovative and competitive ecosystems of the world? Jóvenes con Futuro applications are open until April 30th, 2016, and we are looking for young talent like you!

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