Jóvenes con Futuro is a growing community of Spanish talented developers that come to Silicon Valley -worldwide known heart of the technology- to pursuit their professional and personal dreams. Our joven Alfonso Pérez is a clear example of what means to leave everything behind to accomplish one of his lifetime desires: being able to work as a Software developer in San Francisco, California, home of world class waves and heart of everything related to Computer Science.

2015 - Alfonso Pérez-Embid



Alfonso is original from Seville, although he has lived part of his life in San Sebastian, where he moved to finish his last years of his degree in Computer Science. Software Engineer and surf-lover, he moved to the Basque Country to being able to surf every day. Now that he lives in San Francisco, he is closer to the ocean than never before. He is passionate about IT security, bitcoins, and extreme sports.



Q: Alfonso, you are working at Quri, a company with HQ in SoMa. Please tell us about the company and what your team and you are doing. 

A:  Quri provides merchandising execution insights to leading CPG’s, by providing them with analytics we extract from the data that our workforce (users of our Mobile app) provides us. I am a software engineer intern and currently working full-stack on a couple of different projects. Our stack is React, Javascript ES6, Graphql, Rails, PostgreSQL, I am very passionate about the current JavaScript revolution, so being on the cutting edge everyday makes me really happy 🙂

Q: It’s great that you are working with technologies you are passionate about, specially with React. Why do you like it so much? What are you using it for?

A: The ecosystem around React takes some really good concepts from Functional Programming, Component-based architecture and Reactive programming and applies them with simplicity in mind, with the help of a virtual DOM, which speeds things up. It just makes sense so good mentally that when you go back to work on a project after several weeks you can push new features immediately, easing up a lot the mental context switching in my opinion. We are using it for almost all our front-end projects, really, which I think is really cool, but again, it’s not about an specific technology, but the ecosystem around it, everything changes so fast.

Q: All of our Jóvenes con Futuro agrees on the same: they are treated as a regular employee since the beginning of their internship. Do you feel the same? Do you have the same benefits as the rest of your colleagues?

A: Totally, I was really amazed by that, you are treated in the same way as everyone else since minute 1, that is awesome.

Q: From your point of view, what makes special this area for Software Engineers like you? Why do you like it so much? 

A: Everything in here is so vibrant, there are a lot of meetups, full of really smart people, people are usually not pushed to work in a specific way, they assume that you like what you do (meaning flexible hours, wfh days, etc), and the outcome of that is teams of dedicate people, with a feeling of responsibility for what they do and having fun. Also, San Francisco is a very good city over all, you have plenty of choices if you try to life a healthy life like me (organic foods, paleo/keto diet, etc, skateparks, world class surf spots, mountains to do hiking, cycle around, lots of stuff). If you want to be on the bleeding edge technologically speaking, you have to be here at least for a while.

Q: Lastly, if you could give a piece of advice to young Spanish developers with professional ambitions like you, what would it be?

A: This is a tough one, but I guess: Find your passion in life, apply it to your own projects, stay up to date, work hard, learn languages and the rest will probably come, there is nothing better than spending your days doing what you like.


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