Much has been said about technological progress, but it doesn’t seem to slow down. On the contrary, we talk about it even more each day. This is the effect of the accelerated change, in which some changes drive other changes creating a virtuous cicle. The result is not just more change, but more change every day. This fact has tremendous implications.

StepOne_Global_Report_February_2016-1We live in a world where a company can grow to a valuation of over a billion dollars in about one year and with very limited resources. The number of unicorns has skyrocketed this decade. In the last two years alone, the number of over-a-billion-dollars-IPOs of VC backed companies has more than tripled compared to the previous three years.

Where this can be seen as a sign for a bubble, it doesn’t hide the fact that the change driven by digitization has tremendous impact on our socio-economic system. When we have barely realized that the potential of ecommerce and digital platforms is far from exhausted, we are already seeing the Internet of Things and AI going from concept to real-world businesses. And just as what happened with the Internet, even though the focus was elsewhere now a new type of network technology came into scene.

The blockchain is that technology that seemingly out of nowhere brings the possibility of a truly disruptive change. In this report we hope you get a glimpse of that and other issues that attracted our attention.

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Carlos Barrabés

President Barrabes Group