As promised in “Meet the startups participating in JcF Spain (I)“, here are the others that are joining us for this first edition of Jóvenes con Futuro Spain.



GrapheneDB is a hosted graph database in the cloud. It’s like MongoHQ, but for the graph databases. Graph databases store data in graphs, the most generic of data structures, and are specially well suited for datasets where relationships are relevant. Typical use cases are social networks, recommendations engines, data mining, etc.

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Its culture is the peculiarity of this startup: everybody within the team can work from any place in the world, their main office is  Hipchat, Google Hangouts, Github, and Gmail. The “secondary” office is in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a beautiful place in the Canary Islands where they use to reunite sometimes. GrapheneDB provides services worldwide and is very involved with the Neo4j community.


Hooks makes it easy to receive updates on anything that matters to you, all through push notifications. Available on both iPhone and Android, Hooks allows you to define the alerts you receive with granularity, while expanding the types and sources of alerts you get.

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Codice Software

Codice Software develops Plastic SCM, a very powerful multiplatform version control system that is used by small and large teams. This startup is the only one outside of the US developing this kind of version control platform, and not only is specially focused on game development companies such as Telltale o Facepunch but it is also specialized in banks, insurance companies, mobile device manufacturers…


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Mr Jeff

We have an ambitious and very young startup joining us in this first edition of Jóvenes con Futuro Spain. It is Mr Jeffa startup founded by two 23 and 24 year old entrepreneurs working hard to be market leaders and solve new problems in the society through their app. Users just need to place an order in their phones or mobile devices and Mr Jeff would pick up your clothes and return them clean in 48 hours. As simple as it seems and time-saver, Mr Jeff provides online laundromat services that are the solution to some of your daily problems.

mrjeff Image from www.efeemprende.com

With just a few months of life this startup is already working in Madrid and Valencia with future openings in Seville, Singapur and Mexico DC in 2016, and it is becoming market leader in its sector. Working at a startup like this with clear international expansion plans since the beginning of the foundation, with young and talented professionals and a good startup atmosphere makes it a great opportunity for any developer looking for a job where he can have fun and do what he is passionate about.


Finally, Fidiliti has joined us to potentially host our Jóvenes con Futuro candidates. This startup was created in 2011 with the aim of being a customer loyalty and mobile marketing platform that allows companies to have a communication channel with their clients through mobile devices with which they can send segmented campaigns and get real time financial information about  ROI and impact of those campaigns. For users, Fidiliti is a mobile app where they can sign up for loyalty cards and being able to have them just in their mobile devices and so receive alerts with special offers and promotions from their favorite companies.

British Ambassador Simon Manley awards Image from https://www.gov.uk/government/world-location-news/242775.es

The startup is not only starting to go international, but it’s been awarded several times national and internationally with awards like the Platform Challenge 22 award for the best innovative idea in 2012; Fidiliti was winner of the Competition for Tech Companies organized by UK Trade and Investment Spain; was awarded with the Entrepreneur Award XXI by La Caixa in 2013, and was also winner of the Womenalia Startup Day.

We hope you like our host companies. Stay tuned, there are more interesting startups coming 🙂