We live an amazing time of innovation. New technologies and new business models are impacting our enterprises and our lives. After more than thirty years working in some of the top Information Technology Companies of our planet I´m enjoying an amazing experience working during the last year within the Barrabes Group close to entrepreneurs and a diverse group of top talent experts driving transformation through innovation.

imagen post 1After consolidating our operations and units (Scale-up Labs) in Silicon Valley, Europe (Madrid, Helsinki) and Latin America (Mexico) we´ve built a network of top talent in Boston, London and China, helping us to develop an observatory of trends, disruptive technologies, new business models, innovations and scouting and support to startups that give us an interesting view about what’s hot and what’s next in this environment.

In the report, that we plan to share quarterly with our customers, partners and employees, we will include articles with the view from experts and interviews around that we see “hot and next” in the top innovation ecosystems of our planet.imagen post 2

During the last few years we´ve focused on building the bridge to transfer innovation from hot startups to large corporations, helping to accelerate digital transformation and launching new services and business models thanks to corporate entrepreneurship initiatives and programs (intra entrepreneurship, spin-off, accelerators, new alliances and partnerships) and at the same time helping startups to scale-up and grow addressing their global opportunities.

In this first report you´ll find content, articles and views around startups and interesting initiatives on Big Data, Drones, Internet of Things, Biometric and other technologies.

To subscribe to this first free edition you just need to fulfill basic information and download it from the StepOne site: http://www.stepone.com/global-report/

Enjoy the reading and give us your feedback!