2015 - Eduardo MonroyWe are happy to introduce you all to our first Joven con Futuro working in San Francisco in this 2015 edition.

His name is Eduardo Monroy and is currently working at Elevate, a very cool startup established in the district of SoMa in San Francisco in which awesome developers are building a personal brain trainer app that was iPhone App of the Year last December 2014 .

This guy from Puertollano, Ciudad Real, is not new to the game industry. Born in 1987, Eduardo has already founded his own startup in which he has been developing a game. Other than that, he has developed Sliding Star along with a friend, a game for mobile phones that works in both Android and iOS platforms.


Let’s learn more about him!

Q: Tell us a bit more about your background and yourself. What were you doing back in Spain before moving to San Francisco, Eduardo?

A: I have been working in Furious Koalas for the last year, a startup I founded with four partners I met at college. We have implemented a game for Android and iOS that will be released this year. I have also undertook other smaller projects like Spice Mine (former Sliding Star), which I developed with my friend Carlos Mora.

Q: How did you hear about Jóvenes con Futuro? and what made you be interested in the program?

A: I found about the program on Twitter through a tweet by @cipeuclm (the twitter account of my University’s employment  promotion center).  After learning about the purpose of the program I applied for it because I thought it might be a good opportunity to improve my skills and learn how startup works.

Q: Why do you think this a great opportunity for young software developers and engineers for their professional careers?

A: San Francisco in particular and the Bay Area in general are the birthplace of the most important tech companies in the world. The knowledge you can gain and the people you can meet here is invaluable, any software developer and engineer should try to live this experience to become a better professional in their field of expertise.

Q: Eduardo, you are currently working at Elevate. What do you exactly do?

A: Yes, I’m working together with Antón Morant (former Joven con Futuro 2013 edition) in the application’s core, refactoring it to learn about its architecture and also writing code to support new functionalities.

Q: What technologies or programming languages are you using at Elevate that you weren’t using in Spain?

A: The biggest change I’m facing is working on a Mac while in Spain I had always programmed under GNU/Linux. I’m getting used, though; almost everybody has an Apple computer here so there is no other way. I have also started learning related programming languages such as Objective-C.

Q: It’s only been a month since you started working in San Francisco. What are your first impressions about your job? What about the city?

A: I’m loving my work here; everyone is very professional and experienced, the office is great, we have meals and snacks available and the workflow is amazing. The city is pretty big so I haven’t had the chance to see everything, but so far I liked its parks, the beach and the restaurants I have been to. I also enjoyed Halloween, watching the children trick-or-treating and people wearing awesome costumes.

Q: What makes the startup ecosystem here in Silicon Valley different from working at a company in Spain? 

A: I haven’t worked in any company other than my own back in Spain so I can’t really tell, but as far as I know the companies’ culture here is very different; they give you more freedom with the schedules, you work together with all your team (including bosses) and things move faster.

Q: What about the Jóvenes con Futuro community in San Francisco? Have the former interns from previous editions helped you find a house or helped you in any other way?

A: Sure! They have given me advice and helped me a lot before and after arriving. They have shown me many places, taught me how to move around the city and some of the customs here. Furthermore, I’m moving in December to live in a house with some of them, which is great!

Q: Have you had time to start missing something from Spain?

A: Of course I have! I miss my family, friends and girlfriend. I’m also starting to miss some food that is harder to find here.


I hope you liked Eduardo’s story. If you want to live the same experience as he is living in San Francisco, apply for our internship program! San Francisco or New York are waiting for you!