Last month I had the chance to attend the famous Startup Battlefield at Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco. Tech Crunch Disrupt is one of the largest events taking place in the tech and startup industry every year. They say “it is where startups start”; where early stage companies with revolutionary ideas fight for a succulent prize of $50,000 in front of thousands of investors, hackers and tech-lovers. But it is also where disrupting products and technologies are discussed among entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists, innovators and industry leaders that gather together for a few days in one place. 24-hour hackathons, interviews, the Startup Alley, very interesting talks by important CEOs and speakers as well as other activities are part of the event, but the Startup Battlefield is the real heart.

I have to admit I felt really impressed by the amazing ideas I saw on the battle. 24 startups competed for the prize at the beginning of the contest, but just 6 of them were able to get to the finale session during the third and last day of the competition.

The first one that went to stage the last day of the contest was Preemadonna. Preemadonna is a Menlo Park-based startup founded in 2013 by CEO & Co-Founder Pree Walia and Head of Product & Co-Founder Casey Schulz. These two entrepreneurs invented the Nailbot, a device that turns your smartphone into a nail salon decorating your fingernails simply by printing the image of your choice directly from your smartphone to your nail. They did a demo at the Battlefield and I have to admit it was really good, even though I am not the target market at all. It was very fun.


Another startup that contested at the startup Battlefield was Stitch, a very young company that provides a platform for team communication in the health care field. Founded a few months ago by two Co-Founders -Bharat Kilaru (CEO) and Jonathan Weinstein (COO)-, Stitch aims to be the universal platform for medical communication in the future by gathering health care data in just one safe software. That way, doctors, nurses and other practitioners can communicate among them in real time about their patients by sharing useful information through this platform with direct messages, private groups and chats at their disposal.


For me one of the best ideas that were shown at the Battlefield was Scrumpt, a startup founded last year in San Francisco by mother and daughter that provides affordable weekly healthy menus for kids who have busy parents that want more convenient ways to get lunch ready everyday of the week . With deliveries on Saturdays and a price of $24 for the lunches of the whole week (5), families can choose from a range of options like gluten free or other customized fresh food for their children. Convenience is a must!lunch kid

In the field of economics, the startup Leap Financial introduced us their software that helps companies deal with their finances. Founded by Erik Yao and Raymond Lau in San Francisco early this year, Leap Financial is able to provide a clear, consolidated, and meaningful overview of your entire business numbers through a secure software that helps you make the right financial decision. It gives your business detailed financial reports and important metrics to track key performance indicators for your business to succeed.

leap financial

The next startup on stage was Green Bits, doubtless the most surprising business for me due to the purpose of its product: a software that enables marijuana businesses to legally grow by providing a point-of-sale system that helps marijuana retailers manage and control inventory, customers, sales, finances and business management in general by eliminating most of the pain points for this kind of retailers.


And finally, the winner was Agrilysta very new startup from Brooklyn that has developed a smart platform dedicated to indoor farmers that allows them to get important data from their crops. Thanks to sensors located in some parts of the farm and crops, the system is able to collect valuable information that helps farmers manage their operations efficiently by providing analytics, tracking of the tasks, recommendations and much more to get the most out of the business.



Do you have any business idea that you would like to bring to a startup event such as the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt? Would you do so?


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