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Last 9th of September, in San Francisco, Apple announced some long-awaited products and the annual Iphone Updates. The most important news were the launches of the Iphone 6S, the Apple TV, the Ipad Pro and the Apple Watch. Presented by Tim Cook, the CEO of the company and a part of his staff this conference was handsome and well presented. Apple is at the forefront of technology, but we also know that they are in Marketing. These are the new updates/products of the giant of the technology:

  • Iphone 6S, “The only thing that’s changed is everything” this is the slogan of the launch of the new Apple Iphone. With the same exterior design as the Iphone 6, the components of this phone changed a lot. These are the most important changes in the Iphone 6S:
    -3D Touch, they created the next generation of Multi-Touch, this last innovation allows you, with a little press to see an email, message, photo…without enter in the application. It senses how deeply you press the display, letting you do all kinds of essential things more quickly and simply. It gives you real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps from the all-new Taptic Engine.
    -New camera: 12 MP pictures, 4K videos, they also introduces Live Photos, a new relive your favorites memories.
    -A stronger cover glass, 7000 series aluminium, the same grade used in the aerospace industry.
    -IOS 9, the new software update for iphones which consume less battery and less memory in your phone and allows you to do incredible things. It will be available in all the Iphones since the Iphone 4S to the last one.
  •  Apple TV, “The future of television”. This new TV is about apps, we will have apps in our TV such as HBO NOW, WatchESPN, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes. With a new operating system called tvOS allows you to connect with your screen and has also a smart use of Siri search for something to watch. Apple also expect big and exciting games, imagine apps that turn your living room into a fitness studio or a classroom?
  • Ipad Pro, “Thin. Light. Epic” A lot of professionals were expecting this product, finally Apple decides to build it. 12.9-inch Retina display, nearly double the CPU performance of Ipad Air 2, with a refined Multi-Touch technology, edit 4K videos, a sticker which allows you to draw. This iPad has all that a professional want.
  • Apple Watch, the little brother of the Iphone. It allows to receive notification from our Iphone, control our music with the new Siri and pay for groceries with Apple Pay. These are the updates of this Apple product.

These last innovations will possible evolve the technology world, we will see how the competitors face this launches but one thing is certain, nowadays, in the street we used to see more Apple products than other brand products. So, Apple, what’s next?